Is There A Connection Between Your Blood Type And COVID-19?

By NewsRadio 1020 KDKA

There may a connection between your blood type and COVID-19.

Dr. Amit Kaura, Division Chief of Critical Care Medicine and Medical Director of the Medical and Burn Intensive Care units at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh, told KDKA Radio's Robert Mangino that determining the significance of a connection is in its early stages.

"I think, right now, it's still very early to denote the significance of what the blood type has to do with how the virus infects people. It's a start that can potentially open up more doors and more research in helping us treat COVID-19."

Studies reportedly show a connection between blood types and the severity of COVID-19 in patients. Dr. Kaura said there's a lot of speculation and theories about the relationship between blood types and antibodies. "The study itself showed that with Type O blood represented less of the patients that were severely ill as a result of COVID-19. The study showed that people with Type A blood were the most predominant in the severely ill.

"There's a multitude of theories. One of the theories has to do with the fact that Type O blood has inherent antibodies to both A and B and therefore the body is better equipped to fight infection.

"Another theory is that the Type A blood, the gene that codes for Type A blood also codes for the ACE2 receptor, which is the receptor that the virus binds to to enter the cells. So at this point, everything is just speculative and hypothesized."