Federal judge denies Wolf administration request for stay to unconstitutional ruling over COVID-19 regulations

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf
Photo credit The Office of Governor Tom Wolf / flickr.com/governortomwolf
By NewsRadio 1020 KDKA

A federal judge has denied the Wolf administration’s request for a stay to his order that ruled several COVID-19 mitigation efforts unconstitutional.

At a news conference in Philadelphia, Governor Tom Wolf reacted quickly to the denial. Saying they will seek an overturn.

“So we’ll move ahead with an appeal in the third circuit,” said Wolf.

Until then, limits on the size of public gatherings are gone. Still, Wolf says people want to stay safe.

“Regardless of what a judge rules or regardless of what a general assembly does or a governor does people in Pennsylvania have shown they don’t want to get this disease,” said Wolf.

Federal Judge Williams Stickman wrote he was not convinced that irreparable harm will result if a stay is not imposed.

At that same new conference, state Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine was asked if she’s now worried large groups with gather.

“I worry all the time, we’re very concerned that’s how the virus spreads,” said Levine.

On Monday, Wolf vetoed House Bill 2787 which would have allowed individual school districts to set the limit for the number of spectators during sporting events. He told the KDKA Radio Morning Show "This is just a piece of unnecessary legislation and I think instead of doing this kind of thing - I wish the general assembly would spend more time trying to figure out exactly how we fight this virus and how we keep people safe.”

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