PA Legislature Pushes Back Against Wolf Administration High School Sports Fan Limits


The state legislature has passed House Bill 2787, which challenges the Wolf Administration's capacity limits on fans at high school sporting events. State House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff told Larry and Kevin on the KDKA Radio Morning Show he sees school sports as more than just fun and games.

"This is about young people who have worked very, very hard over years to get to their skill, whether it's in band, whether it's in cheerleading, whether it's in color guard and/or these different type of sports," he said.

"I think the average Pennsylvanian American are smart enough to make their own decisions and protect their children, protect their families and still be able to enjoy it as entertainment and in some cases this is the difference for some kids who are trying to do that star performance in their final year and hopefully maybe get a scholarship that's gonna assist them to go to school. And in some cases, some of these children may not be able to go on to higher education because they won't have that extra boost of money that may have come through a scholarship. So there's a lot involved in this decision. It's not just about watching a game."

Benninghoff says he believes the administrations stance is has been about political power from the start. "It almost reminds me of when a child stomps his feet asking something form their parents and the parent finally just replies and says 'because I said so.' We feel like we're in one of those because I said so situations."