PA's Second Lady, Gisele Fetterman Says States With Legal Marijuana Have 'Only Seen Improvements'

By NewsRadio 1020 KDKA

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Earlier this week, Governor Tom Wolf breached the subject of legalizing recreational marijuana use.

During a news conference on Tuesday morning, Wolf called once again for the Pennsylvania legislature to make recreational marijuana legal in the commonwealth to help support businesses affected by COVID-19.

Pennsylvania's Second Lady, Gisele Fetterman, spoke to KDKA Radio's Robert Mangino on the subject of legalizing marijuana for recreational use and said there are many reasons to legalize marijuana in the state such as improved access for medical use. "It's a way to right a very long wrong," said Fetterman. "We're long overdue. It's time to be on the right side of history."

Mrs. Fetterman has been a sufferer of chronic pain since she was a child and said medical marijuana was abel to give her the relief she could get with other medications. "Pain is a very real part of my life," said Fetterman. She told Mangino  that it really hit her when her oldest son asked "Mom, are you always in pain?" Her answer was yes. "It's this realization that pain is what I've known for a really long time, but you still have to go on. You have to be a parent. You have to work. You have to face the world, so you learn to manage it," she said. "It doesn't mean it's easy, but medical marijuana has helped me manage in a way that it has improved my quality of life tremendously."

Fetterman thinks that one day, marijuna will be as accepted as alcohol is now.

“I think that in states that have legalized, you know, life has continued… They’ve only seen improvements in regards to fiscal improvements and quality of life for people,” Fetterman said.