Wolf Calls For Changes To The Elections Process in PA


Governor Tom Wolf wants the Pennsylvania legislature to take action to make some changes the elections process, like giving counties a 21 day head start to count mail-in ballots instead of the 13 hours they have now.

"This will give counties more time to prepare so that the votes can be counted and reported quickly," said Wolf.

Currently, counties cannot begin the counting process until 7am on Election Day.

In addition, he wants mail-in ballots to go to voters earlier than they do now. "The legislature should change the law to require mail-in ballots be sent to voters at least 28 days before the election, rather than the current 14 days."

Wolf also suggests that counties should be able to count ballots postmarked by election day and received up to the Friday after Election Day.

“Voting during a pandemic will be different for all of us, but I remain confident that no matter how you vote – our state’s election systems are safe and secure,” said Gov. Wolf. “Counting a record number of votes may not be complete on election night, but what’s most important is that every vote is counted, and the results are accurate, even if it takes more time than usual. 

“We’ve made great improvements in our elections with mail-in ballots, more security and new voting systems with a paper trail. But this will be a historic election and the nation is watching, so the legislature should take immediate action to make it better. The smart changes I have outlined will strengthen our elections, help people to vote safely from home and allow counties to more efficiently process the surge in ballots so results are available faster.”

The League of Women Voters and Urban League have agreed to drop a lawsuit against the state. In return the administration is telling counties they may no longer set aside mail-in ballots because signatures don't seem to match.

A record 3 million Pennsylvanians could vote by mail in November.

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