How Jack Bogut's Participation In Children's Hospital Fundraiser Inspired Larry Richert's Career


Here at KDKA Radio, we're celebrating our 100th anniversary and among all of the people who have made and continue to make the radio station what is today are the on-air talent.

Larry Richert and former morning show host Jack Bogut reminisce about their first meeting at a fundraiser for Children's Hospital - back when Larry was still in college.

"What you did for Children's Hospital, and KDKA over the years, inspired us in college radio to do a smaller mock-up of broadcasting in the window of a local establishment. It was a bank on Main Street in Clarion," said Larry.

"We reached out and invited you and the fact that you took the time to drive up there and be with us was so significant, it left an impact on me that resonated through my entire career, sometimes when I didn't feel like necesssarily doing something, I would think, 'well, Bogut did it.' So I'm blaming you for a lot of the stuff I did," he said jokingly.

"That whole Children's Hospital broadacst experience... it was accidental. I mean it just grew by leaps and bounds every single year," Jack said. "And to think that a group of college kids way north of Pittsburgh would want to collect money  the way we collected money and be invited up there to do that, that was a treat for me too."

Larry recalled growing up listening to Jack on KDKA Radio, "When I was a kid, I would be in the kitchen with my parents doing the crossword puzzle and Jack Bogut was on the radio and so... I can't even explain the out-of-body experience it is to be that person on the radio following you and we've had a friendship ever since."

"Now that, after 233 years, there is no longer a daily newspaper in this city, so even after 100 years of broadcasting in radio, we've come back to what it was all about and what you did so well and that was just keeping people informed in the morning."

"Well, and giving people an opportunity to be themselves and to share their emotions on a radio station that reached almost everybody, it was rare in the beginning and it had just grown over the years," explained Jack.

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