‘In Sickness And In Health’: New Stanton Couple Looking For Help Finding Viable Liver Transplant

Al Jaworski
Photo credit Al and Kathleen Jaworski
By NewsRadio 1020 KDKA

NEW STANTON (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - 

Kathleen Jaworski: “One step, one day at a time.”

A New Stanton couple, Al and Kathleen Jaworski, joined Wendy Bell on Thursday.

The Jaworskis talked about their battle as Al is waiting for a liver transplant.

He has end-stage liver failure, and COVID-19 made matters worse as people who are waiting for the transplants got forced to the wayside when the coronavirus emerged.

Kathleen Jaworski went on to talk about the struggles the married couple have gone through, especially since Easter, when things started going “downhill.”

Kathleen also went on the say that Al has been in the hospital six times since Easter.

The couple has three appointments a week to get Al’s abdomen and right lung drained: twice a week for the lung and once for the abdomen.

"Some days are better than others. Today, thank God, [Al] had a really, really positive day.

"Tuesday his abdomen and lung was drained. And with that being said, his appetite has been good. He hasn’t been as short of breath.

"We go again tomorrow [Friday] to get the right lung drained. So any day that Al has a good, positive day, and he eats well, and he sleeps well, I’m happy.

"But the days he’s a little more tired and not feeling well and not hungry, I get really concerned and anxious.

"But that's a part of life. And I'm human.

"And I rely on the prayers and my faith. But it's a struggle, and I just feel so bad for Al.

"Because I know someone out there can help us with the gift of life. And that would just be so life-changing for him," Kathleen said. 

The couple has been married for almost 28 years; their anniversary is on Friday, June 19.

Al will be having his lung drained.

The couple is looking for help finding a viable liver for a successful transplant, with blood under the age of 50 and type O positive.

UPMC offers options on their website to become a living donor and have an online application at https://livingdonorreg.upmc.com/.

Al isn’t the only person looking for a new liver, either; there are 14,000 others waiting for a transplant.

Finding a living donor is the best way for Al to get the liver transplant he needs to survive.

As Kathleen said, “some days are better than others,” but there’s the silver lining of the couple’s anniversary, and Al was grateful for that and his wife.

"I appreciate her very much. She’s wonderful."

Listen to the full interview with the Jaworskis and Wendy Bell.

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