Sisters Collect Supplies For Pittsburgh Medical Facilities

Boxes of Gloves In Trunk
Photo credit Linda Smales

When I was a little girl growing up in Southern California, my father drilled a message into my head, encouraging me to always do the right thing... simply because it was the right thing to do.

“You never know where the help is coming from, Weets,” he’d say. ‘When you do something good, it’s amazing how that goodness comes back to you.”

He was right. 

I find that the older I get, the more I gravitate towards good people. Towards volunteers. Towards givers and doers and make-dreams-become-truers. They are powerful. They see the world as full of opportunity rather than obstacles. They take action. They make waves. The relish in results.

So Linda and Thy got busy. They reached out to their network of friends on Facebook, many of them small business and nail salon owners. Here’s what the sisters’ plea said:

“To all my nail salon friends, I’m asking if anyone has extra face masks and gloves, if you could PLEASE be so kind as to donate them to your local hospital. If you can’t drop them off I’m willing to pick them up for you! I’ll even pay for them, no worries at all. I can’t just sit back while my healthcare professional friends are on the front line putting themselves at risk. Please! Let’s all help each other out!”

To say that Linda and Thy triggered an avalanche of love would be an understatement. Cases of gloves! Masks by the box-load! Hand sanitizer! Boxes and boxes, case after case. All being donated now to medical facilities all over the Pittsburgh area. Look at these photos! AMAZING.