Wendy Bell: Review of The NFL on Free Speech


Today we examine hypocrisy, pandering, and profit... oh my!

I am so tired of the pandering people out there, and it does not know a political party - it's left, it's right, it's whatever. It's anybody who's trying to avoid being in the crosshairs or who's trying to create this guise of being so plugged in and totally down with everything that they're avoiding ire of someone else.

It's such a scary sheeple world out there. People's true colors coming out - aren't they? How wimpy the majority of people are. How few people will stand up to another person, a total stranger who's trying to take them down and say 'you wanna go, let's go' because I stand for something and I don't care what you think about me.

I'm so tired of corporations. I don't really care what Delta Airlines or Continental or Target - what they think about political issues or social issues. You just get me where I'm going without crashing, sell me the things I want at an honest price and we're good. I don't need your commentary.

You know, I don't need Gillette razor blades to browbeat my kids into how to be the right kind of man.

Stay in your lane.

Today, my sights... watching Roger Goodell.

Roger, you're such a sham. You're such a panderer.

I wish you would just stand up and be like, 'you know what - the issues that are going on in the world right now do affect football. We play a game and get ridiculously overcompensated for it. We're gonna stick on that catching of that ball thing and you guys work on the other stuff.'

But no Roger Goodell, seeing that there's a buck to be made, interjects himself in the controversy about social justice, Colin Kaepernick, oh yeah, yeah.

Let us review Roger Goodell and the NFL's stance on the first amendment and the freedom of speech. We'll go back in time just a wee bit.

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