AAA: it's peak season for deer-vehicle collisions


Watch out for deer on the road!

According to AAA, it's the peak time of year for deer collisions in Pennsylvania.

In 2019, PennDOT data shows there were more than 4,300 deer-vehicle crashes in the state.

“More collisions between vehicles and deer occur in November than any other month,” says Mark Sisson, vice president of Insurance, AAA East Central. “One of our top claims in the winter is for vehicles that have been totaled from hitting animals, and the costs can be staggering.”

AAA suggests paying close attention for deer, especially  in early morning and evening hours.

If a deer does run onto the roadway, the auto club says you should avoid serving because swerving may confuse the animal and they won't know which way to run.

And if a crash is inevitable, AAA says to take your foot off the brake. Hard braking forces the front of your vehicle down, which may end up propelling the animalover your hood and into your windshield.