Out-of-state visitors to PA parks required to quarantine or have negative COVID test


The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural resources is making changes to the ways state parks are operated amid the ongoing pandemic.

Park visitors who are from out-of-state are now required to either quarantine or have a negative COVID-19 test before they can visit state parks, according to new rules out into place by the DCNR on Friday.

“Since the beginning of efforts to address the pandemic we have kept our state park and forest lands open to all so that people can safely enjoy outdoor recreation as a way to maintain positive physical and mental health, and that will continue to be the case,” Dunn said. “We are making some changes to our overnight stays for out-of-state-visitors and our programming to help decrease the spread of COVID-19.”

The negative test is required within 72 hours prior to entering Pennsylvania. Those who choose to not have a test, must quarantine for 14 days once they arrive in the state.

These rules apply even if n out-of-state resident is only going to visit for a day.

Anyone caught in non-compliance could face fines of up to $300.

In addition, masks are required to be worn when visiting state parks, both indoors and outdoors when maintaining a six foot distance from others is not possible.

“We encourage people to embrace being active outdoors, even in the winter, because there are so many benefits associated with enjoying nature,” Dunn said. “With the appropriate clothing and preparedness, winter is among the most beautiful and peaceful times in our parks and forests.”