Former PA Governor Tom Ridge: it's been 'all downhill' since Trump took office


Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge has announced that he's voting for Joe Biden instead of President Donald Trump.

In a tweet, the Republican said "It’s time to put country over party. It’s time to dismiss Donald Trump," after an opinion piece he wrote about his vote was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ridge, who was born in Munhall, told KDKA Radio that he was raised in a "country first" household and to think about character and integrity and honesty of the candidates before looking at their policies.

Ridge said he didn't vote for Trump in the last election, "There was a litany of things he said around which I concluded, this man can't be my president because he doesn't reflect America's values. But then it was all downhill over the past four years.

"When he failed to provide the leadership we needed during this pandemic and had the audacity to say the only way he could lose was through voter fraud, I said that's it."

Despite Trump's accomplishments that would seemingly be important to the Republican's, like the nomination and confirmation of conservative judges to the Supreme Court, lower regulations, lower taxes, Ridge said he can't support him.

"This is a man who's never worn the uniform of a country. He's Commander in Chief and says prisoners of war are not courageous and those who go and fought and died were stupid or fools or whatever he said." Ridge continued, "This is a man that mocked a disabled reporter. It's bad enough that he doesn't think journalists or the press have any value in this country, but he mocked a disabled reporter and I chair the National Organization on Disability.

"This is a man that has gone out of his way to embrace dictators and despots and ignore and undermine and denigrate our traditional allies that have helped make the world a relatively peaceful place and build a global economic system that ultimately benefits America. So you go on and on. And ultimately, I don't think the end justifies the means. I'm glad he did what he did, but I think it's time for someone who has a value system is more consistent with the broader based values of America.

Ridge said this will be the first time he's voted for a Democratic candidate for President.

Ridge was governor of Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2001. He was the first Secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under the Bush administration.

Ridge is currently Chairman of Ridge Global, a risk management company.