PA Health Secretary Levine says patients who recover from COVID-19 still face long-term effects


Pennsylvania's Health Secretary is concerned about the long term effects on patients who have recovered from more severe cases of Covid-19.

On Wednesday, state information showed that 82 percent of patients with Covid-19 have recovered in Pennsylvania. But Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine says that just means they are no longer contagious.

"True recovery. Complete recovery from COVID-19, which we are now seeing can be a long process," said Levine.

Levine says these patients have come to be called "long haulers."

"People who may be considered quote-unquote 'recovered' in that they had the virus at least several weeks ago, but they are still dealing with its lingering effects on their body," said Levine.

A CDC study in July found 35 percent of patients who had Covid had not returned to normal health.

Dr Levine says women and health care workers are more likely to suffer longer term effects.