Knock Knock It’s a K-EARTH 101 Christmas - The Big Reveal!

Knock Knock It's Christmas

Big Merry Congratulations to this year’s Knock Knock It’s Christmas from the Gary Bryan Morning Show! This year we selected the family of Valorie and Robert Rosales from Ontario! Her mother Ramona nominated her!

Robert and Valorie have six children age range 18months thru 11yrs. They had to move out of the house they were living in because the owner was selling the property. The rental they had to move into or be homeless is much higher rent. Robert lost most of the side jobs due to the Covid-19.

2020 KNOCK KNOCK FAMILY! Photo credit KEARTH 101

The oldest daughter age 11 loves sing and dance. They have twin girls ages 10 love clothes, makeup.  The other younger 3 are 2 boys age 5 and 18months and a little girl age 3!

We want to thank the many K-EARTH 101 listeners that pulled together during these hard times for all to make sure we made their holiday real special!

Simpson Automotive
Simpson Automotive Photo credit Simpson Automotive

We also want to thank David Simpson from the Simpson Automotive Group for his generous donation of $2,500! The family also received a brand new T.C.L. 65 inch 4K Q-LED TV from our friends at TCL, one of the world’s best-selling consumer electronics brand!