Which LA County communities have the highest COVID-19 vaccination coverage rates?


We now know which LA County communities have the highest COVID-19 vaccination coverage rates.

Among those highest on the list are Century City, Bel Air and Beverly Hills.

Near the bottom are Compton, Watts and Cudahy.

An area's rate is based on total population, not the number of residents who are eligible for shots. But, Dr. Paul Simon, the county's chief science officer, says it's clear there are "significant inequities in the distribution of vaccine."

"We are prioritizing new vaccination sites in communities with the lowest vaccination coverage rates," he says.

Simon says doses are being targeted for such communities in areas including South LA and the Antelope Valley.

"We are mobilizing a large cadre of community health workers to provide assistance to local residents in underserved communities for scheduling appointments and accessing vaccination services," he says.

The available data indicates:

Far more women are getting vaccinated than men

The majority of those who've received at least one shot are seniors

And whites account for the greatest share of vaccinations, close to 34%, while Blacks lag far behind at 5%.

County officials say close to 16 percent of adults have gotten at least ONE COVID-19 shot, the majority are seniors. But vaccination rates for Black and Latino seniors continue to lag behind those for white and Asian residents 65 and older.