WATCH: Pantless brawl breaks out during 14-hour wait for In-N-Out

By 98.7 KLUV

Popular West Coast burger restaurant In-N-Out has a bit of a cult following, with devoted fans willing to travel long distances or wait for hours to get their hands on the fast food chain’s burgers and fries.

When the first locations in Colorado opened this Friday, customers waited up to 14 hours in the drive-thru line, shutting down traffic in the area surrounding the Colorado Springs restaurant.

Meanwhile, at the Aurora outpost, three men got into a pantless fight that quickly went viral on social media.

The men, who were standing outside of a line of cars, were recorded mid-brawl, with two of them falling to the ground during the fight. One of the men even lost his pants in the process, prompting social media users to joke that he was "in-and-out" of his sweats.

The New York Post reports that while lines were still long the following day, they were reduced to eight-hour waits on Saturday.

“I don’t know if we’ve ever felt more welcome, between all the anticipation and the requests for In-N-Out to come to Colorado, and now to see the customers out here this morning just feels great,” said the fast food chain's vice president of operations, Denny Warnick.

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