If Johnson & Johnson's COVID vaccine is approved, it could make it a lot easier to immunize people


If Johnson & Johnson's COVID vaccine is approved for emergency use, experts say it could make it a lot easier to immunize people.

But some worry not everyone will want the shot.

It's only one dose, not two like the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. And it can be refrigerated so no ultra-cold storage issues.

"That would definitely make it easier, logistically. With the one dose vaccines we will be able to reach more people with the limited supply that we might be allocated," says Richard Dang, an assistant professor of clinical pharmacy at USC.

He's working with the City of LA on community-based COVID vaccination clinics.

Johnson & Johnson is seeking emergency use authorization from the FDA, which may make a decision before the end of the month.

This vaccine has a lower overall efficacy than the other two, but they were tested earlier and didn't face the same variant issues. And all three vaccines appear to be highly effective at preventing severe illness.

"That is really the most important efficacy you want to see with a vaccine is that people are not going to get really sick and are not going to die," says Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

Ferrer says if the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is approved, she expects it will be "widely" used in LA County. And for many, it may actually be the "preferred" vaccine because it's just one shot.

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