RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: Hanson leans on local venue during coronavirus to deliver fan favorites

‘We’ve had the community to be with us through these low times’

Joining RADIO.COM’s Julia today for a very special Check In were Hanson brothers Zac and Taylor Hanson to give fans a preview of their upcoming release and series of live stream shows they’ll be broadcasting in celebration.

The band has a brand new compilation album -- Perennial — A Hanson Net Collection -- on the way, set for release on Friday, November 6. The comp will feature 21 of the over 80 songs released from their independent, fan-club only EP series. While casual Fansons may have heard some of the tracks in a live setting this is the first time they will be available to the general public.

To celebrate the new release, and to keep everyone entertained with live music, the band is broadcasting a series of live stream shows into 2021, from their hometown and from one of their favorite independent venues.

For the Hanson brothers, it was a no-brainer deciding to partner with Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Cain’s Ballroom for the upcoming livestreams.

Because of the coronavirus, many live music venues are struggling to pay their bills as artists promoters are following social distance guidelines. “We thought it would be great to be able to broadcast from a place that we know, kind of pull them in, and have them have some benefit from us doing that,” Taylor explains.

“At the same time we do get to remind people about a theme. Which is, ‘hey, support your local venue however you can.’”

“One of the things I hope people take away a greater appreciation from this year as we’ve all been sort of at home or not doing what we do,” Taylor says. “A lot of things have been taken out of our daily lives; I hope that people feel even more gratefulness and appreciation whenever the new normal exists and whatever that looks like."

"I feel like people have had a conversation about how being together, being able to celebrate, being able to look around and see other humans, how we really kind of need that as people. Live music is a special way to be reminded of your humanity, because music is so primal.”

“I don’t know why that is exactly, but I know that as a fan and as a performer we’ve been missing it.”

“Also, this is essentially our neighborhood in Oklahoma. We’re here in Tulsa, downtown, we do a festival right in this neighborhood too. So, we thought we could do something that fans could look forward to consistently even though there’s no major tour for a long time.”

Over the last few months, the guys have offered up videos for their fan club singles "Everyday," "Miss You Like Crazy," and "Dressed In Brown Eyes" and have also recorded the new track “Nothing Like a Love Song” just for the new album.

Explaining the release, Zac says “it’s been basically 20 years of us releasing music that’s only ever been released on that website, and we felt like this was a cool opportunity as we go into 2021, and a brand new album in 2021, we wanted to invite people in the broader fanbase to hear some of those songs.”

It’s those kinds of special experiences that bands, and we as music fans, are seriously lacking in the age of COVID-19.

Both Zac and Taylor, when thinking about their favorite experiences at smaller venues, they were both taken back to the same place. “Seeing Willie Nelson at Cain’s was pretty awesome,” says Zac. “You know, seeing him in that experience, it’s a little stage…”

“That was my 18th birthday,” Taylor remembers. ”At this venue.”

Aside from some not-so-secret details about their follow up live streams planned for after Perennial (holidays, hint-hint), we also got a little insight into their 1997 hit “MMMBop,” specifically the deeper meaning behind the line “hold on to the ones who really care.” Speaking hypothetically, would the guys consider that person to be one who loves you unconditionally, or one who challenges you to be a better person?

While Taylor feels those two people, hopefully, can be one and the same, as for Zac, he always felt that line represented the “people that you have identified in your life care for you,” he says. “It’s about you searching your own thoughts and saying, ‘who are the people who are really taking care of me, who are really giving into my life, and I need to do that back to them.”

From 1997 to 2020, those words still ring true, especially in these days where all of us have been removed from our loved ones in some capacity.

One major lesson that Taylor admits he’s learned from this year is to appreciate what you do have. “A lot of people are struggling, a lot of people have lost jobs. A lot of people are wondering if they can feed their families. There’s a lot of that as well as people who have gotten sick. So, I think just learning that reminder of just being grateful.”

“We’re so worried about the next thing, trying to climb the ladder or do the project, you forget to be like, ‘wow, I’ve got a roof over my head. I’ve got the basic stuff... yep, I should calm down a little bit.’”

Appreciating their fans and the head start they’ve been given to make it through all of this turmoil has also been on the top of his mind. He says he’s also been sure to be grateful for, and “not take for granted the things we’ve been able to do that are so different.”

“We’ve had the community to be with us through these low times…. To have the 20 years behind us has made it amazing to be able to lean on that and go through that journey with fans through this weird time.”

Be sure to watch the full interview above, and don’t miss Hanson’s upcoming live stream shows, the first of which is happening tonight at 7PM. Full details and ticket links can be found at

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