Burger King will now let you order directly from Google Maps, Search and Pay


Having it your way is now a Google search away.

Burger King has announced it will start letting customers place orders directly using Google Search, reported Forbes.

In addition, customers will also be able to place take-out and delivery orders using Google Maps and Google Pay.

The integration begins Monday, December 21st and is available at more than 5,000 participating locations around the world.

When customers search for their nearest Burger King on Google Maps, the locations will come up along with the option to “order pickup” and “order delivery.”

“We know this is a channel to better meet guests where they are,” Burger King’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ellie Doty, said. “We are seeing that Google is one of the main go-to places to learn more information, find locations, see if restaurants are open or closed and this will limit the number of steps for guests to get their food. The easier and more frictionless we make it for them, the better we’ll be.”

As an added incentive, customers who use Google Pay will also receive an offer to get 20% cash back on their next order of $10 or more.

Last month, it was revealed the burger chain, alongside Popeyes and Tim Horton, has plans to roll out 40,000 digital drive-thru screens with “predictive selling” technology that can suggest items based on previous orders, trending promotions, time of day and local weather.

In keeping with COVID safety protocols, the drive-thrus will also offer contactless payment when you place your order.

The upgraded systems are expected to be installed across North America by the middle of 2022.

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