73% of Us Have Used Our Car for Some Alone Time

Eating in Car
Photo credit Getty Images
By 102.5 KEZK

One weird thing the pandemic has done is make us treat our cars like an extra room in the house.  A new survey found 73% of us have used it for some alone time, just to get away from the people we live with.

Using your car for some alone time ranks third on the list of reasons we love having a car.  Here are the top ten . . .


1.  To go on leisurely drives.


2.  Longer road trips.


3.  It's a place to get some alone time.


4.  Shorter day trips.


5.  To transport things, like a trip to Home Depot.


6.  It's a good place for private phone calls, or work calls.


7.  Going camping.


8.  You can use it as a makeshift office.


9.  Going places you've never been before.


10.  Drive-in movies.  There's no way that one would have made the list a year ago. 


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