Trish’s Dishes: My Dad’s Hummus (VIDEO)

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By 102.5 KEZK

We love hummus in our family!! My dad’s parents were born in Lebanon and we still use their recipes for the food we make. My grandmother wouldn’t use a recipe though, so my mom had to stand there, watch her and write down everything in order to make a dish. In my opinion, my dad makes the best hummus! He doesn’t use a recipe either as you will see. Everything is to your taste. If you like more garlic, add more garlic. If you like more lemon juice, add more lemon juice. I will give you a starter recipe but there’s a couple of side notes. Be careful with the tahini!! It can overpower the hummus if you add too much. I personally don’t like a lot of it and I’m very careful when I add it. Also, you will see my sister taking the “skin” off the individual chickpeas. It’s really easy to do. Just pinch one in between two fingers and you will feel the skin come right off. I never do this and my dad usually doesn’t either. But taking it off, gives the hummus a smoother, creamier texture. And don’t forget to rinse the chickpeas in water. It’s all up to you! We eat it with Syrian bread or pita chips (like Stacy’s.) Yum!! Let me know if you make it and how it turns out!! (Two sisters were missing in the filming of this video because they didn’t come over to help. I’m talking to you Lynda and Christa he he)

Hummus ingredients:(We were only using one can in the video)

2 cans of chickpeas/garbanzo beans

1/4 cup Tahini

2 teaspoons salt

3-5 garlic cloves, chopped

1/2 cup lemon juice Lemon Juice

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

(You can also use dried chickpeas but that’s way too much work. You have to soak them in water for one hour and then boil 10 minutes, simmer 50 minutes until soft. I’ll stick with the can.)