Brett Eldredge Sings Tear-Jerking 'Best Man Song' at Brother's Wedding

Brett Eldredge
Photo credit Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Alright brothers everywhere, the bar has been raised.

Brett Eldredge did more than just give a best man speech for his brother and new sister-in-law, he wrote a song for them that brought tears to the entire party.

Even Eldredge tried fighting back the tears as he sang the lyrics:

"When you start a family of your own,
I hope your kids run wild like we did back at home.
Barefoot in the grass, never think we'd grow up as fast,
And then we did, and here we are.
I sit here as your brother, your best friend til the day I leave,
Singing you my heartfelt best man speech."

Eldredge said in his Instagram post, "I didn't write it for an album or any project, I wrote it for my brother." It's an extremely sweet gesture to the new bride and groom, but we have our fingers crossed this ends up on his new album!