The Item You Never Knew You Needed - "Chip Fingers"

 No more cheesy fingers.

Tired of getting that cheesy, chip-dust all over your hands and your clothes after mowing a bag of Cheetos or Hot Fries?  Then you'll love these "chip fingers".

I'm not sure how I stumbled on the lifestyle website,, but I'm glad I did.  They seem to have discovered the mother of all utensils, the "chip fingers".  These are merely silicone-like finger covers that you can get in all different colors, to help put an end to getting OFS (Orange Finger Syndrome).  What a great idea!

They are affordable and reusable, and are meant to help us all from staining our fingers after eating some of our favorite chips. Brilliant. Although, there's really nothing better than licking off a small layer of cheesy goodness after eating an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in one sitting. Amiright?

This is not a drill.  You can buy them from Amazon right now!