Carly Pearce Is Feeling the Frustration of Not Being Able to Tour

Carly Pearce
Photo credit Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Playing live is a key component of how musicians earn their livelihood, and not being able to perform has been frustrating for many, including Carly Pearce

“I was talking to Kelsea [Ballerini] about this last night, and it would be so much easier, I feel like, if we had a light at the end of the tunnel, like a date where we were like, ‘This is when we go back out,'" she shares in a statement from her label. "But I think a lot of people say it won’t go back to normal until next year.

"I believe somebody has to just do it," she continues. "Somebody has to go play some sort of show. And I still have shows on the books starting in August. It seems like with every passing month they go away.

"But I’m hopeful and I hope that we get out there, and I know I’m ready.”