Quarantine Has Carly Pearce Missing Her Mom the Most

Carly Pearce
Photo credit Photo: Aaron J. Thornton / Getty Images

While she desperately misses being on the road and performing for her fans, there's another reason that Carly Pearce is looking forward for this pandemic to come to an end: her mother. 

“Knowing that my mom is gonna be alright, and being able to really be around her," she shares in a statement from her label. "Even though I’m going to see her, I’m staying at a different house, I’m not going to be really around her. She has stage four COPD. So this is a really, just terrifying time for my family.

Even though Carly's mom isn't sick or showing any symptoms of coronavirus, the COPD (which stands for Chronic Pulmonary Lung Disease) makes it critical that she stay healthy. "She already has probably 30 percent lung use," she continues. "So, I am literally one of those people that’s like, ‘Do this for my mom if you’re not doing it for anybody else. It’s killing her to not be able to be around me.

"So, this coronavirus has taken a hit in my immediate family of just trying to make sure she’s all right."