Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard reflects on his battle with COVID-19

"Honestly, I feel really fortunate."
Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line
Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line Photo credit Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, during which he quarantined from his family on his tour bus. He’s since recovered and is reflecting on everything that’s happened.

“I’m good,” he reports of his health in a statement from his label. “Honestly, I feel really fortunate. I was able to have 13 days of alone time on the bus, which was bittersweet. I missed my family like crazy but I didn’t feel terrible so I got to make the most of it.

“I wrote a bunch of songs and made the most of the time, you know,” he continues. “And it kind of flew by but I feel great."

And how about that ruptured Achilles tendon and broken foot he suffered riding his dirt bike back in August? “My foot is … it’s a process. I haven’t been doing my physical therapy the way I should in quarantine, so I’m getting back on that and getting this old thing workin’ again.

“But yeah, I’m feeling really grateful and really blessed and excited. And I feel like we’re at the end of a crazy season and the beginning of an awesome one, for sure. It may be another crazy one but I believe it’s gonna be awesome.”