What the new administration might mean for immigrants today

Over the last four years, the policies and sentiment about immigration have certainly changed, and some would say for the worse. On a nation that's entirely based almost entirely on immigration, what should happen in the next four years to bring in the great minds from other nations?

Juan Riboldi is president of Ascent Advisor, a management consulting firm, and is the author of Strategic Transformation: How to Deliver What Matters Most. Riboldi, who came to the U.S. more than 30 years ago from Argentina, discussesfor your listeners what a Biden administration might mean for immigrants arriving in the country today.

“Many people are afraid of too much immigration and I understand their concern," says Riboldi. "They worry it will overwhelm us or that too many people will come into the country with no way to support themselves and become a burden on the system. But my response to such concerns is that, in general, providing qualified immigrants a clear path to legalization and citizenship will strengthen the cultural and economic base of the country.”