CDJ Today: February 10 in Classic Rock

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By 92.3 KGON
February 10, 1998 – Axl Rose is arrested and charged with verbally abusing an employee of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. Rose, who cursed and shook his fist at a supervisor who wanted to look at his bags at a security checkpoint, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace.  He is later released on bail.
February 10, 1974 – Record producer Phil Spector is seriously burned in a mysterious car crash while en route from Los Angeles to Phoenix, AZ, leading to extensive plastic surgery that furthers his reclusiveness. Classic Rock Birthdays

February 10, 1962 – Cliff Burton, bass (Metallica) (d. 1986)February 10, 1949 – Nigel Olsson, drums (Elton John Band)

Rock Remembrances

February 10, 1975 – Dave Alexander, the original bassist for The Stooges, dies of pulmonary edema in Ann Arbor, MI after being admitted to a hospital for pancreatitis, which was linked to his drinking. He was 27.  Alexander was fired from the band in 1970 after showing up at a music festival too drunk to play.

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