Ja Rule Says He Was 'Bamboozled' in New Fyre Festival Song

The rapper comes out firing on 'FYRE'

“I know you lack empathy for the one that’s me, but I too was bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray,” Ja Rule raps on his first solo song since the infamous Fyre Festival.

In the world of the “Livin’ It Up” rapper, “FYRE” stands for “For Your Real Entertainment,” and the song which was released Friday via Instagram details the ill-fated festival as only he could. It comes one month after Ja Rule was dismissed from a 100 million dollar civil lawsuit filed by fans over the event.

“Hotter than the sun, but it wasn’t that, show of hands if you got your money back? Just playing, I got sued for that,” he continues on “FYRE.”

“100 mil to be exact.”

Since the disastrous festival in 2017, Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland has been sentenced to six years in prison and ordered to forfeit over 25 million dollars. The events surrounding the festival were captured in two different documentaries released earlier this year.

One of the most memorable stories that came out the Netflix documentary was that of Andy King, who was asked to administer oral sex to a customs agent to secure water for the festival. King gets personally addressed on “FYRE,” with Ja Rule dedicating a verse to the standout story.

“Andy King, what the f*** is going on, you about to give this man fellatio for Evian?” he asks. “Come on, that’s way beyond the job description, that’s an addiction to ****ing ****, isn’t it admit it.”

“FYRE” serves as the first sample of Ja Rule’s upcoming album, originally due out this month but pushed back to February of 2020. 12.Twelve.XII is scheduled to be released on February 29.

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