Ashton Kutcher makes startling discovery in ominous Cheetos Super Bowl commercial teaser


The only thing bigger than the “big game” and halftime show are the high-profile Super Bowl commercials, which are beginning to trickle in.

Ahead of Super Bowl LV, Cheetos dropped a brief teaser to pump viewers up for the full release on February 7.

The brand partnered with Ashton Kutcher for the ominous ad, which sees him entering a dark room after telling someone he’ll be right down.

Once he shuts and locks the door, he sits down at his desk and opens an envelope featuring some incriminating black-and-white photos.

Though it’s difficult to make out what’s on the photos, they seem to show a woman and others in a parking garage.

Kutcher’s reaction: a simple “oh my gosh.”

He keeps looking at the photos until he comes across an empty bag of Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix.

“I knew it,” he exclaims.

What evidence does the envelope contain? Did Kutcher just get proof of the culprit who ate his Cheetos?

After all, Chester Cheetah did release an advisory warning that the “new product is so tantalizingly delicious, fans are likely to sneak a few bites from another family member's stash.”

While we wait to find out what the mysterious photos contain, you can munch on the new snack being sold at stores nationwide now.

According to a press release, the new Cheetos items is described as a “mischievously cheesy combination of traditional Cheetos Crunchy and the immensely popular Cheetos Popcorn introduced during last year's Super Bowl LIV.”

A 7-ounce bag costs $4 while a 2.25-ounce bag is selling for about $2.

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