How to watch 'Wonder Woman 1984' for free on Christmas


Entertainment giants and production companies have been forced to rethink their movie releases now that movie theaters are closed or only allowing a certain number of people inside.

And with movie theaters being packed on Christmas Day in recent years, many families are going to have to come up with creative ways to get their Christmas Day movie fix.

Recent movie drops, like Disney's "Mulan," have seen unique streaming capabilities, offering Disney+ subscribers the ability to watch the film for a $30 upcharge. However, the release of "Wonder Woman 1984" will look a little different.

Beginning on Christmas Day, HBO Max subscribers will be able to watch "Wonder Woman 1984" for free for 31 days.

That said, there are other ways to get your hands on the film for free if you are not yet an HBO Max subscriber.

One option is to get a a free trial of HBO Max through Hulu or YouTube TV. These options will allow you to watch the film for free as well as other upcoming new releases - as long as you remember to cancel your subscription before they start charging you.

HBO Max will cost you $14.99 per month after the free trial ends.

Another option for free viewing is to access the film through your HBO cable subscription. If you get HBO through your cable service, you should be able to watch "Wonder Woman 1984" for free.

And while it is of course a lot more convenient to get things for free, there are pricier options that will give you the movie theater experience without putting yourself or others at risk.

Movie theaters will still be playing the film despite its release strategy incorporating a streaming option. Find a movie theater near you that allows you to rent out the theater, and watch away!

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