PHOTOS: Siberian tiger playfully attacks snowman at Finland zoo


A Siberian tiger enjoyed a playful day in the cold while “attacking” a snowman at the Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki, Finland.

Photos posted to the zoo’s social media account on Wednesday show the huge cat destroying a snowman built by zoo staff inside of its enclosure.

“For safety reasons, we recommend that snowmen do not hide pieces of meat, blood or animal hair in their pockets,” the zoo joked according to NY Post.

At first, the big cat seems curious at the strange new intruder and gives the snowman a sniff.  Shortly after, the tiger showed off its incredible strength by destroying the snowman with a quick blow.

The zoo staff took advantage of the snow fall and dressed up the snowman in a wig.  The snowman also included a smile, buttons down the front, and sticks for arms.

The zoo, which is home to 150 different animal species, made sure that all of the animals were able to enjoy the cold weather. The zoo posted a video on Facebook of animals including a leopard and a much smaller four-legged creature tearing down the heads of their own snowmen, and rolling around in the aftermath.

The video comes with the lighthearted viewer discretion, “Warning, video might shock the most sensitive snowmen!”

The zoo is also home to almost 1,000 species of plants. In 2016, a Siberian tiger gave birth to triplets.

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