Bradley Nowell of Sublime Would Have Been 52 This Weekend

Photo credit © Salajean |
By 99.9 KISW

Of course, Bradley Nowell was a legend. Anytime you hear a Sublime, you know the iconic sound, you know his iconic voice, and for me, it just feels like summer. 

We lost Bradley back in 1996, and the punk and rock world lost what was shaping up to be a fantastic band. I still love to skate to Sublime, even now that I am 33. The fact that Sublime played the very first Warped Tour back in 1995 just gives me a sense of nostalgia, even though I was only 9.

Tomorrow (Saturday), he would have turned 52!

So we celebrate Bradley's birthday with some Sublime, because how else would you do it? Turn up your speakers and jam. 


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