The Offspring's "Smash" Turns 26! A Playlist

Offspring Danny
By 99.9 KISW

26 years ago! The Offspring released an album that changed the way a lot of people listened to punk. Happy Birthday "Smash"! It is still the best selling indy record of all time, a feat that will probably never be surpassed, given the current way we consume entertainment. 

Of course this album means a lot to me, bringing punk and pop punk to the forefront of the 90's, many people wouldn't have ever discovered this music without this album. And for many, including myself, this served as a gateway to all of the bands that inspired The Offspring. Bad Religion, Op Ivy, TSOL, Social Distortion etc. I listened to :"Smash" and wanted more. Here are my top 5 tracks from the album. 

5. Self Esteem

4. Smash

3. Come Out And Play

2. Nitro (Youth Energy) 

1. Bad Habit

So how is the band celebrating? With new music of course. They are going strong after 26 years and have been teasing a new album, hopefully in 2020! Dexter and Noodles did a PSA the other day about Covid, and teased some new things on the horizon! 

Happy 26th Smash! And see you in the virtual pit! Oh and WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!

- Danny V.

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