Wake Up Billie Joe! September Ended . . . 5 Green Day Songs to Get You Going

Billie Joe
Photo credit © Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
By 99.9 KISW

We live in a world of memes of course, and a few years ago someone came up with the great meme, it showed Billie Joe from Green Day and said "September ended, someone wake up that guy from Green Day!"

Of course making light of their hit song "Wake Me Up When September Ends". Now, everyone who has ever listened to a Green Day song shares this meme, or some version of it on October 1st. For example: 

Sometimes listening to a Green Day song, sans Wake Me Up, is like listening to a shot of caffeine for your ears. So I figured, let's celebrate this national holiday with some Green Day songs that will get your blood pumping and ready for October! 


- Basket Case - My favorite Green Day song, every time Billie Joe hits that guitar intro, it's time to mosh. 

- Brain Stew and JADED - Brain Stew maybe not so much, but JADED, if you don't get amped listening to this song we can't be friends!

- Geek Stink Breath - When you wake up from a month long slumber, you might have some Geek Stink Breath! Throw this on your headphones and brush your damn teeth. 

- Minority - How about a morning parade to get you going? Grab some coffee and check out the video for Minority! 

- Bang Bang - I mean, what other song could you wanna listen to? Maybe grab a Bang energy drink and hit the pavement! We got this! 

- And of course, the song that started it all:

Enjoy, and Happy October! See you in the virtual pit! 

- Danny V.