Baldur's Gate 3

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By 99.9 KISW


Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to the weekend!


Fall is officially here and with it comes the rain, and as you can probably tell by looking outside, it has already begun. But worry not because I have something to eat up a bunch of your time while you listen to the soothing sound of falling rain!


What is this great distraction that I speak of? Baldur's Gate 3 of course! Yes, the long awaited beta has finally dropped this week and it is awesome. Before I go into details about the game, allow me to show you 6 minutes of pure greatness that is the full cinematic trailer for BG3. You will not be disappointed.


Check out the full cinematic trailer for Baldur's Gate 3 below:


DAMN!!!! Now that’s how you do a cinematic.


BG3 is essentially a video game version of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. You start by designing a character picking from many different classes, spells, and even love interests. You then use this character to explore a gigantic fantasy world full of rich story all based off of lore in the worlds of DnD.


Currently the content is limited to the first story arc (because it’s still in beta) but more will be releasing in the coming months as the servers become more stable. But don’t let that worry you, there’s still 15+ hours of content right now. And that’s just on the first play through. The great part about this game is the re-playability. Because each character you create is unique, and the world has so many different things to do, each play-through will feel new. Plus, you can party with up to three of your friends, and have multiple campaigns going at once. I highly recommend checking this game out, especially if you’re into the fantasy genre.


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And as always, enjoy the weekend everyone!