Corden and Card Tricks

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By 99.9 KISW


It’s no secret that I love magic, especially when I have no idea how the tricks are being done. Which is why when I saw Justin Flom (who you may know from “The World’s Best”)  on James Corden this week, I knew my appetite for mystery was about to be satisfied. Coin and Card tricks have always been my favorite ever sense I was a kid, but they’ve really come a long way sense I was preforming “52 card pickup”. So much so that even phones are being used in magic acts these days. But the key to any great magic act is showmanship which is why I’m still stumped on how Flom pulled of this incredible magic trick. 


Maybe you can figure it out!


Check out these awesome tricks by clicking the link below!


TADA! Man that was one hell of a trick. He got the entire audience involved including all of the show members. James Corden is the perfect person to preform magic tricks in front of; his reactions always seem so genuine. I could train the rest of my life and never come up with a trick like that. Part of me wants to scour the internet to find out how Justin was able to pull of such an incredible trick, but I feel should honor the creativeness of the act; so instead I’ll just sit here pondering the greatness of Flom!


And as always….Rock On! ​