Joey Deez is excited for PAIN2019. Are you?!?!?

Pain in the Grass 2018 rocking
By 99.9 KISW

Can you believe that Pain in the Grass is only a few days away?!?!? Break out your Slipknot gear people because Tuesday is going to be EPIC. What? You don’t have a Slipknot shirt? Well what about a Volbeat shirt? Or maybe a Gojira? Behemoth? Witch Ripper? I know you have to have at least one! And you can wear any of them on Tuesday because these amazing bands are going to be rocking all night long! Danny V and I will be there so be sure to keep an eye out of us. We’ll be the guys with the snapback rock hats……. we may blend in haha. Just look for the two goofy faces below:

Danny and Joe Pain2018

Can you believe that’s just one day of Pain? And we get three freaking days!!! Last year I filled up on Mac and Cheese at the special Palace Law Premium Experience area from the awesome people at Rollin’ Smokehouse BBQ. Never had the opportunity to try this unforgettable BBQ? You’re in luck. These tickets were sold out but we can’t deny the people their chance at back stage interviews, acoustic performance’s, and so much food and beer you’ll need to bring your stretchy pants. Which is why KISW has released a limited amount of extra tickets for this premium experience! If you don’t have your tickets yet, well, all you have to do is click a button.

Last year I got thrown into my very first most pit and things got a little….. bumpy. AND IT WAS AWESOME! I If you’ve never been in the pit before, this Pain in the Grass can your intro to moshing; WARNING, you may get addicted. What’s that? You want a preview of what moshing may look like during Pain2019? Well you can watch Oh Sara push Danny and I around as we get hyped for Pain in the video below:

I’ll see you all in the mosh pit soon people! Just make sure to watch out for Oh Sara, she likes to throw elbows hahaha. Tuesday can’t get here fast enough :D . That’s why I’m about to step into my fancy time machine and head straight to next week. See you VERY soon Rock-A-Holics!

Which band are you most excited to see next week during Pain in the Grass?