We’re going to do WHAT?!

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By 99.9 KISW

DO IT LIVE! That’s what! You heard right people. Live day 2019 has been announced so break out the calendar, your phone, or whatever you use to keep your busy life in order because November 21st is going to be awesome! Tickets just went on sale TODAY and let me just say, there’s an experience package for everyone. My favorite one definitely has to be what I would call the “baller” package in which you get your own personal 4-top table with cushy lounge chairs and a private attendant because and I quote “your worth it”. Wiser words have never been spoken. Can’t wait to see all the rock-a-holics on the 21st bright and early and hopefully in costume (that’s right we will be dressing up again; stay tuned to see what theme we whip out this year!) for a whacky, action packed day of radio! Did I mention it’s going to be at Snoqualmie Casino? Now this is my kind of event! I may or may not be at the buffet :D I wonder if there's an all-day buffet pass because I’m trying to do some eating! You have to stay fueled up with all the craziness going down during LIVE DAY! You never know what's going to happen when the great minds from BJ and MIGS join forces with The Mens Room!


Check out the ticket packages as well as some awesome pictures from last year’s life day HERE!


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Ellen Tailor from Q13 joined us!

Image 2

Danny and Sara sporting some awesome panjamas!

Image 3

Our awesome rock girls taking questions from listeners. 

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Craig Gass is ready for some Live Day!

Image 5

Taryn Daly rocked the saxophone last year!!!!

Image 6

Steve crushed the drums in his elf pants. 

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Are you ready for Live Day 2019?!?!?!   ROCK ON PEOPLE!!!!

Snoqualmie Casino, November 21 BE THERE! 


- Joey Deez