When You Teach Your Dad a Drinking Game

beer pong
By 99.9 KISW


As we approach another socially distant weekend, I find myself craving activities that include something other than my remote and the couch. More specifically, I want to do something new! Turns out though, it’s pretty hard to find new activities to do within one’s own house. But this very conversation led to the greatest firsts for, not me, but my father! You may have heard BJ Shea played Beer Pong for the first time during this quarantine and KILLED IT! He is possibly the greatest amateur beer pong player I’ve ever seen…at my house…over the age of 40…Ok let’s just stay he’s good.


I wouldn’t be a good son if I let these potentially untapped skills go to waste which is why Oh Sara and I have made it a point to test, I mean teach, BJ some of the more classic drinking games. He may be an elite board gamer but let’s see if his skills hold up this weekend as he learns the “challenging” game of Flip Cup.


BJ finds out he’s going to play flip cup:



Make sure to tune into all of BJ’s social media pages to watch as greatness unfolds this weekend!!





Hope everyone contains to stay safe and connected this weekend and if you have any suggestions on what game BJ should learn next, make sure to send us a message on social media!


-Rock on!​




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