Check Out This Badass Metal Cover Of YES

By 99.9 KISW

Colorado-based tech metallers Allegaeon are no stranger to the world of classic prog rock. Back in 2016, they made waves with their excellent rendition of Rush’s “Subdivisions.” And now, just four years later we can all thank the nerdy prog rock Gods above, as Allegaeon has blessed us with yet another epic cover. 

This time, Allegaeon is traveling back to 1971 and stopping off at the highly influential YES album Fragile. But not only did they drop this cover of “Roundabout” on us from out of nowhere, they also went ahead and documented the whole thing mini-documentary style. 

Check out the song and min-doc below. When you’re done, go ahead and listen to the original version by YES and compare the two. 

Allegaeon – “Roundabout”

Behind The Scenes

Yes – “Roundabout”