Congratulations Swerve: DEFY Regular Shane Strickland Signs With NXT 

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By 99.9 KISW

“The International King Of Swerve” Shane Strickland has officially signed with the WWE’s “developmental” brand NXT as reported by WWE.COM early last week. 

If you’ve been to a DEFY show in the last two years, you are well aware of how talented Strickland is both inside the ring and on the microphone. “Swerve” can brawl with the best of them, fly high with acrobatic top rope moves, grapple in technical bouts and he has even competed in one of the most brutal matches in wrestling today – CZW’s “Cage Of Death.” 

Shane has competed all over the world for companies like RevPro, MLW AAA, PCW, PWG and Evolve and even donned a mask as “Killshot”, a key character in the popular El Rey Network television series Lucha Underground. 

I am so stoked to see Shane Strickland take his career to the next level and show the world what SWERVE is all about.