Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday March 1st, 2020

By 99.9 KISW

Black Nite Crash - Make A SoundThey Walk Among Us - Witch Girl

The Black Tones InterviewThe Black Tones - Ghetto SpaceshipThe Black Tones - The Key Of BlackThe Black Tones - Mama, There's A Spider In My RoomThe Black Tones - Chubby and TubbyThe Black Tones - Plaid PantsThe Black Tones - Welcome Mr. Pink

Aline and Wes - Work Is Never DoneIzthmi - To Traipse AloneCrossing Crusades - CreaturesYear Of The Cobra - DemonsPost / Boredom - Impossibly GrimAurora's Eyes - StrifeWoodshed - On The Run