[LISTEN] The Best Voice In Football

Photo credit Dan PowersUSA TODAY NETWORK-Wis via Imagn Content Services, LLC
By 99.9 KISW

Hola 12s!

Some of you may have caught the news of Steve Raible's exit from KIRO after more than 30 years of bringing the news to Seattlites. Understandably, quite a few questioned if that meant that he would also be hanging up the headphones and no longer delivering memorable commentary for Seattle Seahawks football. 

Fear not 12s! Our boy will continue to take the mic on NFL Sundays, Thursdays, Mondays, whenever he is needed to bring the excitement for Seahawks football for years to come yet! Surfing the Seahawks Youtube, they were kind enough to post up some of his best calls!

Did they leave any out? What's your favorite call from Steve Raible? 

Football season is upon us 12s! Sounds like we're losing the HOF game and 2 of the preseason games, but I heaven't heard anything about a full-blown cancellation, so I'm still optimistic! Don't stop believing! We'll watch football soon! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!

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