Drink for a Tremendous Cause with Us!

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By 99.9 KISW

Hola Bitcholas,

What are you doing September 14th? I'll just assume you're going to Redfestival. You like beer? You like us? You like carnival games? You like music? You like seeing one of the most beautiful mountains on this earth as a backdrop to your day?  

If you answered 'yes' to these questions, you should most definitely join us for Redfestival.  

If you answered 'no' to these questions, well, you really kinda suck and probably bring the mood down. Not judging, just letting you know what people are saying behind your back.

Ah, but for those of you who will be joining us, remember that you will be doing some good. Some REAL good. This whole shindig helps our friends at the Fisher House. You have no idea how much good THEY do, so it's quite rewarding to contribute... by drinking. We make it easy.

Outta here. Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!