If you can't leave the house, go time-traveling with '2112'

Rush 2112
By 99.9 KISW
Feeling stir crazy? Me, too. Thankfully, music can help us escape isolation, and since 2112 is one of the most iconic concept albums in all of prog rock, it makes the perfect album to listen to while you're self-quarantining at home. 


Saddle up and take a 20-minute, 7-part trip into the future, as Side One takes place in a city controlled by priests called Megadon in the year 2112. Incredible imagery in the lyrics penned by Neil Peart paired with lots of synth and sound effects will definitely take you on a journey far from here.


Remember this?? When the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame FINALLY inducted Rush in 2013, Foo Fighters played 'Overture' and it was AMAZING.


Side Two is where you'll find five additional songs penned by all three members of the band. 



Since you're staying home anyway, this is the perfect opportunity for some uninterrupted "intentional listening", as I call it. Put on the headphones and throw on a signature silk kimono... 

Rush 2112


Crank it up, close your eyes and let 2112 take you far, far away. 


Happy Rocking (from a safe social distance),


Taryn Daly