Everclear's Art Alexakis reveals details of his MS diagnosis

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Photo credit © Ron Elkman
By 99.9 KISW

Multiple Sclerosis affects millions of people across the United States, and one of those people is Art Alexakis.


In an open letter to his fans, the Everclear frontman revealed his unique battle with MS. 


His diagnosis looks different than any other Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, which is one of the reasons MS is so frustrating. There's no blueprint, there's no roadmap, there are no specific guidelines and there's no answer. But we are closer than ever to finding a cure thanks in large part to the lifesaving work of the National MS Society.


KISW's Walk MS Team is back at it on Saturday, April 6th in Snohomish and I would LOVE to have you join our team, raising funds and awareness for a world free from Multiple Sclerosis. 


If you can't join us for the walk, please consider making a donation to support the live-changing work of the National MS Society


It's not easy stepping out and speaking about an MS diagnosis. My mom didn't come forward with details about living with MS for years. Seeing Art Alexakis find the strength and support to stand proud and talk about what he's being going through is inspiring on so many levels. To see his fans rally around him is even more inspiring. 



Thank YOU, Rockaholics, for always supporting me, my awesome mom and the MILLIONS of others impacted by Multiple Sclerosis. 


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly