Taryn counts down her Top 10 Bad Religion songs

Bad Religion
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By 99.9 KISW

Most people know that my favorite band is Rush and my second favorite band is Primus, but rounding out my Top 3 is Bad Religion.


Deep down, I have a punk rock heart, and I always loved the punk mentality of Bad Religion. It's not just a musical style - it's a mindset! To be "punk" is to ask for clairification, challenge authority and never settle for anything less than the truth in your life.


Celebrating 40 years in 2020, the band has been around since before I was born, but for more than half my life, I've studied their music and their lyrics which have helped shape me as a person. When Mike Seibert asked me to weigh in on my personal Top 10, it was a PROCESS (of belief? Sorry, bad BR pun...), but I managed to whittle down their extensive catalog to make my list! We shared our individiual favorites together, and this is what we came up with...


My Top 10:

10. "Dearly Beloved"

9. "Generator"

8. "No Control"

7. "Suffer"

6. "Athiest Peace"

5. "Bored and Extremely Dangerous"

4. "American Jesus"

3. "Infected"

2. "21st Century Digital Boy"

1. "I Want To Conquer The World"


Thanks again to Mike for having me as part of this podcast! We're already kicking around a plan to count down their albums later this fall, so stay tuned! It might take me that long to make those kinds of decisions!



Happy Rocking (from a safe social distance),


Taryn Daly


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