Air Fryer Smoker Grill or Other Outcook Miles!

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By 99.9 KISW


You may have heard Thrill's ongoing worship of the air fryer and all of the foods it can cook to ''perfection''. Despite this, Miles remains skeptical and air-fryerless. 

Miles has posed a challenge to everyone, saying his oven and grill-pan made foods can top the almight air fryer!

Miles' baked rotisserie-style chicken -

Miles mighty chicken


Miles' oven-baked wing game is also strong!

Miles' wing game


But we want to see what YOU are mastering in the kitchen at home! Whether with your newly unboxed air fryer per Thrill's recommendation, your grill, smoker or otherwise. Let's show up Miles with our finest food creations!

This awesome looking spread is from friend of the show, Ken, who not only makes a mean Mexican feast...


but is willing to SHARE his recipe!

Ken's killer rice

Brandi took meatloaf and homemade cheesesteaks to the next level!

Brandi's meatloaf masterpiece

Check out Catherine rocking the sourdough pizza from scratch! When the bread fails, opt for a pie.

Catherine sourdough pizza

Mikel killed the Ribeye and garlic mash game. DAMN!

Milel ribeye


Nathan showed him up by adding crab legs to his! And that tiny trough of melted butter is the bath we didn't know we needed.

Nathan's ribeye

Sean upped the creative part of the game by bringing Armadillo Eggs to the party and we do NOT hate it.

Sean armadillo eggs

Kenny has the beer infused pork game locked in!

Kenny drinks to pork


And Phillip smoked up some ribs, peppers and potats and we approve!

Phillip's smoker is fire


If you want in on this challenge, email us directly!

And be sure to let Miles know how well your air fryer is helping you bide your time as we're all trying new recipes through at least May 31st!


Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay Connected Together.

- The Mens Room