Ted's Meat and Potatoes Convinces Miles to Get an Air Fryer

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By 99.9 KISW


ICYMI: Thee Head Chef had a lock on Miles' favorite foods this week and brought it back around to his ultimate favorite - Chicken Wings! But this time? Done in an air fryer. 

You might've heard about our Miles Challenge, wherein we asked YOU to show off the meals you've made in your air fryer, to prove to Miles that he's just plain WRONG for not having one.

Here's how it went:


We were just as shocked as you to hear that all it took was tossing some wings in to finally convince him it is time. It's time for Miles to step up his cooking game and commit to getting the damn air fryer!

Maybe he hasn't given in to the inevitable flavor rush because he didn't know you can make pizza in one?

Or that you can make your own rotisserie chicken at HOME?

We're confident he'll give in and get himself the fanciest air fryer of all of us. Mark our words, he will.


Keep the photos of your best air-fry-at-home foods coming and we'll be sure to taunt Miles with them. 

Keep your Mens Room Original Red on ice and sunscreen on this weekend! Cheers!


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